Animarathon 2017!!!

For those who had trouble seeing it, Animarathon 2017 will be held on: March 25, 2017

The convention will be at: Bowling Green, OH BGSU Student Union


Hopefully this information is helpful and allows people to see it a bit more clearly.

Thank you all for your continued support of our convention!

Email Back!

Hello everyone, we finally have our email back up and running. You will not be recieving responses from a BGSU email anymore, but from the proper Animarathon gmail account. Thanks for all of your communication and patience!

Panel Schedule for 2016!

Here is the schedule for Animarathon 2016!

Blue is for Everyone

Green is for Teens

Red is for Adults

Purple is for Mature

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Please Contact Us Here!

It has come to our attention that our Contact page is not receiving the emails.

So instead, we ask that you contact us here at

We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

Pre-Reg is now CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who has already registered! We're excited to see everyone on March 26!

Kafe Volunteers!

We no longer need Kafe volunteers. Thank you to everyone who signed up! If you still want to be a volunteer at the convetion you can sign up here: We look forward to seeing you!

3 Weeks For Pre-Reg!

Don't forget that Pre-Reg will be closing February 21! Don't miss the opportunity for some cool perks! 

Calling all volunteers!

Our form is now open for accepting volunteers! In order to run our conventions to the best of our ability we need your help! We need volunteers to help us function in tip top shape!  Who knows... if you volunteer for 2 or more hours you could get in free! ;)

Panel Submissions are CLOSED for 2016

Thank you for all the submissions! We'll send confirmations emails before the end of February so please keep an eye peeled!

Last Call for Panels!

Panel submissions will be closing on Friday, January 22! Make sure to submit all of your fantastic ideas before then!